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wow n : a joke that seems extremely funny [syn: belly laugh, sidesplitter, howler, thigh-slapper, scream, riot] v : impress greatly; "The speaker wowed the audience"

Moby Thesaurus

amuse, bang, becharm, beguile, belly laugh, best seller, bewitch, big hit, birdies, blooping, blue story, blurping, brilliant success, captivate, carry away, charm, convulse, delectate, delight, dirty joke, dirty story, distortion, divert, double entendre, enchant, enliven, enrapture, enravish, entertain, enthrall, entrance, ethnic joke, exhilarate, fad, fascinate, feedback, flutter, fluttering, fracture one, freak out, fun, funny story, gag, gas, gasser, good one, good story, goody, great success, hissing, hit, howler, howling, hum, imparadise, jape, jest, jestbook, joke, kill, killing, knock dead, knock out, laugh, loosen up, meteoric success, momentary success, motorboating, panic, play, point, raise a laugh, raise a smile, ravish, recreate, refresh, regale, relax, resounding triumph, rib tickler, riot, roaring success, rumble, scratching, scream, send, sensation, shredding, sick joke, sidesplitter, sight gag, slay, smash, smash hit, solace, sport, squeals, static, story, successful, thrill, tickle, tickle pink, titillate, transport, triumph, visual joke, wheeze, whistles, woomping, wowwows, yarn


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  • , /waʊ/, /waU/
  • Rhymes: -aʊ


  1. An indication of excitement or surprise.
    Wow! I never expected this!
  2. An expression of amazement or awe.
    Wow! How do they do that?


Cyrillic: вау
Roman: vau

Derived terms


  1. To amaze or awe.
    He really wowed the audience.


a wow
  1. An exceptionally surprising or unbelievable fact.
    He did? That's a wow!
Wow is an expression (interjection) of surprise.
Wow, Wow!, WoW' , or WOW may also refer to:
In business:
In fiction:
In gaming:
In music:
In science, technology and the media:
Wow can also mean:
  • Wau, Sudan, a town in southern Sudan
  • War on Want, a UK anti-poverty charity
  • Women of Wrestling, a defunct women's wrestling promotion
  • Woodmen of the World, a fraternal organization
  • WOW (now KXSP), WOW-FM (now KQCH), and WOW-TV (now WOWT-TV), the former call signs of several radio stations and a television station in Omaha, Nebraska, named for the "Woodmen of the World".
  • Women of the Wall, a Jewish women's organization that attempts to pray at the Western Wall of Jerusalem
  • Weight on Wheels, an aviation term indicating an aircraft is being supported by its landing gear, and is therefore not airborne.
  • World of Wearable Art, a museum and award show in New Zealand
  • Whip 'Em Out Wednesdays, an unofficial weekly observance created by the Opie and Anthony show which suggests female viewers should remove their tops for motorists who have the WOW sticker.
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